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If you ask any Florida blueberry grower which season keeps them the busiest, they’re almost certain to tell you harvest season. But when you’re talking about blueberries, just as much as any other crop, the other seasons are no less important. In fact, summer is pretty pivotal to the success of your crop. That’s because the new growth that develops after your summer pruning but before terminal bud set in the fall will contain most of the flower buds for the following year’s crop. 

In our past summer editions of The Blueberry News, we’ve emphasized the importance of pruning practices, pest management, and disease management during these hot, wet months. Even more influential factors that can make or break your summer include irrigation and fertilization. These two have a great deal to do with one another because water facilitates the absorption of nutrients, but it’s a delicate balance. 

Jeff Williamson and Doug Phillips have written a great article that takes an in-depth look at irrigation and fertilization. You can find it on the Florida Blueberry Growers Association website at or scan the code below:

As we head into the summer, don’t forget to take advantage of the Summer Grower Meetings the FBGA has planned:

  • Hardee County — Wednesday, July 12

  • Lake County — Friday, July 14

  • Polk County — Wednesday, July 19

  • Alachua County — Friday, July 21

You find more information at

Thanks for reading, and I hope the summer gets your crop off to a great start!

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