Did you know that to produce these lovely fresh spring blueberries we go to a lot of trouble?

Florida is the only state that grows fresh blueberries from late March through April

We grow a limited number of blueberry varieties that are specially bred to survive and produce early fruit in Florida’s climate. While these varieties produce great fruit, they are generally not as hardy nor as productive as varieties grown further north that ripen later in the summer. Florida’s climate harbors a lot of critters that like to kill blueberry bushes. We deal with them but we lose a lot more bushes than is typical with later varieties!

All these factors mean that Florida is not competitive in the processed fruit market. You will not find many Florida blueberries in jams, jellies or muffins. You will find them fresh packed in the spring in the best markets. That’s what we do. We work hard at it and we’re proud of it!

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Florida Berry Facts

In addition to being extraordinarily good to eat, fresh blueberries are extraordinarily good for you.  Current research has determined that blueberries seem to qualify as a superfood. Benefits established to date include Cancer-fighting Anti-oxidants. If you'd like to learn some more interesting blueberry facts continue reading.

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