Publisher's Interlude: Optimism Isn’t a Choice, It’s the Way We Live

A farmer must be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.

I came across this story a long time ago and have always found it not only humorous but

true in a lot of ways.

TWO FARMERS: The Optimist and The Pessimistic

One morning two farmers were standing outside as the sun was coming up.

First farmer says, “Look at the beautiful sun and clear sky!”

Second farmer says, “Yeah, well, it’ll probably scorch the crops.”

A few days later, a much-needed rain came and again the first farmer says, “Isn’t this great! God is giving our corn a drink today.”

Second farmer says, “Sure but, if it doesn’t’ stop before long, it’ll flood and wash everything away.”

Now the first farmer, being an optimist, decided to really test the pessimistic neighbor. He bought a bird dog, the smartest and most expensive one he could find. He trained the dog to do things no other dog could do; impossible feats that would astound anyone.

One morning the two farmers went duck hunting. The ducks came, the farmers shot, and as the ducks fell into the water, the owner shouted, “Go get ’em!”

The dog leaped out of the boat, walked ON the water, picked up each duck one by one and brought them back to the farmers. A wide grin covering his face, the first farmer turned to the second farmer and said, “What do you think of that?”

Unsmiling, the pessimist said, “He can’t swim, can he?”

Pessimistic to the core! 

(Author Unknown)

2020 was a tough year, there is no denying that. This said, farmers are ready for the

new year with busy hands and heads full of hopeful plans for coming challenges.

Why? In general farmers must be optimists, just like the old quote by Will Rogers says: The farmer must be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.

There is a faith that all successful growers nurture inside. There will always be obstacles and trials. It is how we manage those challenges that determines the outcome. That is why successful farmers push on.

Some call it hope; others say it’s faith; Rogers said it was optimism. No matter what you

call it, the quality that gets farmers through the next day, the next season, the next year, through

hardship is what sets farmers apart.

This edition of The Blueberry News is our Freeze Protection edition. Inside you will find

advice for keeping your crop going strong throughout the year’s coldest months. You also will

find trade updates, information on the latest miticide, best pollination practices, and so much


And yes, you will also find a dash of optimism. Happy New Year folks, I wish nothing but

the best for all of y’all.

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