The Best Pre-Harvest Advice Comes From Other Growers

The holidays have come and gone, but two things remain the same—the season ahead will bring its own challenges and hopefully rewards, and The Blueberry News is here to help Florida growers like yourself prepare and spread the news about the latest and greatest news in the industry.

As you know, winters can be tricky. We spoke with Jack Green of Berrycare about the best ways to prepare for the upcoming months. He shared with us some of the top items on his pre-harvest checklist.


    Make sure you talk to your pollinator and have your bees lined up keeping a close eye on bloom.

    Make sure your postings and regulatory boards are up-to-date with adequate insurance and workers’ comp information.

    If you’re using crew leaders, make sure the crew leader license and any licenses for transportation services are current.

    Start talking to your crew or labor provider about a possible start date.

    If you’re using Dormex, make sure to get your sprayer inspected for the appropriate gallon per acre.

    Make sure you have all your PPE equipment for restricted-use chemicals.

    Make sure you’re ready for your food safety audit and all that it entails.

    Clean your lugs, and make sure you have plenty of harvesting buckets.


This edition of The Blueberry News is packed with useful articles and tools for you, including a look at floral bud damage, a winter and spring blueberry management calendar, a look at the climate changes, and a summary of the latest pesticides, just to name a few.


We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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