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Magister (Fenazaquin), labelled for twospotted spider mites. It is also effective against eriophyids. Although the label does not specifically say blueberry bud mite, this mite belongs to this family of mites. 

Portal  (Fenpyroximate). Final registration from the EPA was received December 12, 2019, so this miticide should be available for the 2020 field season. 


Apta (Tolfenpyrad), labelled for gall midge, thrips, blueberry maggot, cranberry fruitworm, spotted wing drosophila, Lecanium scale. 

Sivanto (flupyradifurone), labelled for blueberry thrips and Chilli thrips. 

Movento (Spirotetramat), blueberry gall midge, thrips (larvae), blueberry maggot, leafhoppers.


Inspire Super — Labeled for anthracnose, leaf rust, and Septoria leaf spot with a 12 h REI and 7 day PHI. Active ingredients include a new demethylation inhibitor for blueberry as well as one of the components in Switch.  Label allows 4 or 5 applications per season with no more than two sequential, but Switch applications count toward the maximum use rate of the cyprodinil component, in other words, this can be used as a substitute for Switch, but not in addition to.  There is no efficacy data for this product in Florida; however, Switch (0 day PHI) is known to be a good product and resistance management tool for anthracnose ripe rot management pre and during harvest and is the better choice.

by OSCAR EMANUEL LIBURD, professor & IFAS-term professor, Entomology and Nematology Department, UF

& PHILIP F. HARMON, professor of plant pathology and extension specialist, UF/IFAS
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